Astute investors have always understood the importance of real estate in a well-diversified, income-producing portfolio.  Passco’s principals have more than three decades of experience creating and preserving wealth in real estate for the company and for investors and partners through joint ventures, LLC's, LP's and investment vehicles. 

By strategically selecting, acquiring, and managing a diverse cross section of real estate opportunities, we have provided our partners and investors with opportunities to realize attractive returns while enjoying the considerable benefits of optimizing their portfolio’s total returns through fluctuating market cycles.

Investing with a team that has successfully navigated its way through challenging times is an excellent way to minimize risk and add value to your portfolio through diversification and creativity.


Investment Strategies

Over several decades, Passco's management team has demonstrated acute perception of changing market conditions and adopted strategies to maximize the opportunities the current conditions present.
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Investor Services

From inception we have focused on the importance of service to our partners and investors which we have demonstrated by complete, timely, fully transparent communication.
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About Us

Preserving and increasing the wealth of our partners and investors through strategic alliances sound investments in a vast array of real estate assets have earned Passco a reputation as a reliable, astute, and successful Real Estate Operating Company. 
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